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Throughout my artistic journey, I've had the privilege of being featured by and collaborating with some wonderful organizations. 

All About Me

I believe that creativity is synonymous with freedom. My process is rooted in the exploration of ideas without constraints, allowing the evolution of each piece to unfold organically. I start with original concepts and let them take me on a visual journey, adapting and reacting to the nuances of my experiences.

My art is a celebration of Black joy and a reflection of the resilience of Black culture. Vibrant colors and large canvases serve as my tools to weave narratives inspired by my life both in the USA and Rwanda.

I strive to capture the essence of what I'm feeling at the time, letting intuition guide each stroke. The finished work is a testament to the ever-changing nature of ideas and the fluidity of artistic expression.

Live Paintings & Workshops

I'm all about spreading the creative vibe, connecting with the community, and passing on the love of art to the next wave of talent. Ready to bring the magic of live painting and educational workshops to your event? Send me a message and let's make art happen.

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